Brewing a Dubbel

This was my second attempt at brewing a Belgian Dubbel and was unique mostly due to the sugar that I used. I decided to try piloncillo which is a latin sugar made by boiling and evaporating sugarcane juice.

This also was my first brew at my new house which draws its water from a different aquifer than my previous house so the water will be different from all my previous beers.


12 lb Pilsner Malt
5 lb Munich Malt 
1 lb Vienna Malt 
2 lb Caramel 60˚L
1 lb Aromatic Malt 
2 lb 10 oz piloncillo sugar
6 oz Czech Saaz pellet hops (3%AA)~> 90 min

1.5 tsp Coriander
1.5 tsp Black Peppercorns
2 Star Anise 
Coriander and peppercorns were coarsely ground. All spices were added at flame out.

                                                                                                        WLP500 Trappist Ale Yeast

This brew also allowed me to utilize a lot of new equipment thanks to a brand new gigantic garage with power outlets. I was able to fly sparge directly from the hot liquor tank while draining off into my new kettle as well as trying out my new fermenting vessel.

O.G. 1.060 and a nice dark brown color appropriate to a Dubbel


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