Brother Benjamin Imperial IPA

Greenbush Brewing Company's Brother Benjamin
Imperial IPA brewed with honey

Pouring reddish amber with good head retention, this imperial IPA has strikingly strong floral notes that seem to waft out of the glass straight to my nose. This is a very bitter beer but is beautifully balanced with a very strong American hop flavor and aroma. Overall this is an incredibly delectable beer that I would seek out as a wonderful example of an imperial IPA. Probably my favorite Imperial IPA so far.

Grain: Maris Otter Pale, Belgian Munich, Belgian Aromatic, Caramel Malt 60, Honey Malt, Honey
Hops: Columbus and Cascade
Yeast: House yeast
Extras: Clover Honey and Beet Sugar
114 ibu
alc. 10.1% by vol.
15ยบ Lovibond
~Andrew MacLeod


  1. This sounds delicious! Particularly the clover honey and beet sugar. Yummmmmm.



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