German Bar 2 Weizen


In typical Korean fashion German Bar 2 in Gwangju has already closed in favor of a new German Bar 1... which is technically German Bar 3 since 2 opened after the original 1 closed. Confused? Doesn't matter. The beer is one of the best I've found in my short time here.  Certainly on the smaller side of the scale, German Bar is a true microbrewery in Korea's sixth largest city and a delightful oasis in the decent-beer-desert that is this country. At the time of my vist they were offering a Dunkel and a Weizen, I enjoyed both but only managed to take notes on one.

I was pleased as punch to actually smell wheat and yeast in a draft beer with quite a bit of clove, coriander and a lot of citrus to boot. The taste followed suit starting out wheat-yeasty and finishing with a lovely amount of florally citrus that stuck around for a while after. Certainly thicker than any other beer in the house, this weizen was well balanced and still thin enough to enjoy as a session beer.

Overall this was easy to drink, highly enjoyable, and most importantly real beer. If you find yourself in Gwangju and can somehow locate whichever incarnation of German Bar is open, pull up a stool and enjoy.


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