Church Street Heavenly Helles Lager

Up for more discussion today is Church Street Brewing Company's Heavenly Helles Lager. This was one of several I recently picked up from Bottles and Cans, a fantastic booze shop touting over 1,000 different beers. They offer mixed six packs with their ridiculously large selection making it a candy store for folks such as myself.

As for the beer itself... it's fine. It pours and looks like you'd expect a lager to, light color and minimal head. While it's crisp and refreshing like you'd want it to be, it somehow just fell flat for me in the flavor department. It's light bodied with good carbonation, touches of sweetness and a little too malty, but overall just.... meh.

Full disclosure, I'm not much for lagers, so that may be where my lack of enthusiasm for this one comes from. Also, this was drank alongside a smattering of other fantastical beers, so that probably affected my taste for it as well. If you're looking to convert your Bud Heavy loving uncle to the side of craft beers this would be a solid place to start, otherwise I'd recommend turning your attention elsewhere.


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