Frankenmuth Dark 150th Anniversary Lager

Frankenmuth Dark 150th Anniversary Lager
Style: Munich Dunkel Lager
ABV: 6%, IBU: 32
Serving type: Bottle
Availability: Limited (single batch)

This beer was brewed in limited quantities, with only 1,862 bottles filled to represent the year that Frankemuth Brewery opened its doors here in Michigan. My particular bottle is #0242, and has been registered with Frakenmuth Brewery. As described on the back label, some of the original Frankenmuth Dark first brewed back in the 1940's (and since kept under lock and key) was added to this batch to carry on the lineage of this historic beer.

Pours a deep chestnut brown, almost black in the glass. Strong carbonation. Fizzy white head dissipates quickly.

Fruity, grape juice, slight caramel.

Tart. Sharp bite up front. Bright fruitiness - grape juice, crisp pear. Strong sour finish, with slight biscuit aftertaste.

Thin, with a dry finish.

While this brew's unique character may deter those not accustomed to sours, if you can appreciate the pucker-power of this limited offering, it's quite enjoyable. I imagine some of the original brew that was added to this anniversary batch lent some of that tart fruitiness, and it's fun to imagine that you're drinking a little piece of Michigan history.


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