Odd Side Ales - Citra Pale Ale

Since their introduction in 2007, Citra hops have become all the rage. Prized for their distinct citrus notes, these aptly named hops have found their way into many a beer. However, I feel that this particular offering from Odd Side Ales best showcases the lush tropical flavors and aromas of this specialty hop varietal. 

Odd Side Ales - Citra Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.75%
Serving type: Bottle
Availability: Year-round

Appearance: Pours a rich golden hue. Soft white head leaves excellent lacing.

Aroma: Citrus and tropical fruit. Hint of fresh grass. A bit of malt sweetness.

Taste: Juicy fruit flavors - grapefruit, Meyer lemon, and pineapple. Not overly bitter. Slight cracker/biscuit notes on the finish.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, finishes clean with slight dryness.

Overall: This well balanced brew lets the Citra hops really shine, without unnecessary bitterness or sweetness. I hesitate to use the term "fruit explosion", but the flavors and aromas are off the chart. Smooth and clean, this beer is the perfect beverage for a sunny summer Sunday afternoon. Odd Side Ales knocks it out of the park with what has become a personal favorite.


  1. This sounds delicious! Never saw this one while I was Stateside, where'd you pick it up?



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