Who? Dunkel

Difficult as it was to leave an Abbott and Costello reference out of a post about a place named Who?, I've scrapped it. You're welcome. Whether you want to call it Who? Haus, Who? Bar, Who? Pub, or any of the other myriad of options on their signage, the fact is they brew damn solid beer; and in the craft beer desert that is Korea, this Busan pub is a welcome reprieve.

The interior of Who? is vast, cluttered with kitsch that doesn't quite land, and feels more like a Korean Chotchkie's than a bar. However, it's still a damn pleasant place to sit by the window and take in a few pints... if they have em. Upon my first visit I managed to find the place after quite a bit of map searching, block circling, and pit stops only to be told the in-house beer they specifically advertise was not on tap. On a Saturday afternoon. These things happen.

As for the Dunkel itself, it is flat out scrumptious. Dark brown in color, topped with thick and feathery foam. A fine malty aroma carries into the taste brilliantly with the smallest hint of bitterness. It's quite full-bodied, and has the perfect amount of carbonation. Even on a 30°C day, it was refreshing and ludicrously easy to drink.

Finding Who?

Here's how to find this lovely little hideout:

  • Take Line 2 (green) or Line 3 (orange) to Seomyeon station
  • Leave through Exit 7
  • Walk South (away from Gaya-daero) on Seomyeon-ro for roughly 400m
  • The bar has a street entrance on the left
  • Or you can just use a smart phone and this Google Map link


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