Who? Weizen

A few months ago m'lady and I were ready to enjoy a German-ish Saturday lunch with some fine hand crafted beer at Who?. Visions of schnitzels, human head sized pretzels, bratwursts, and sauerkraut danced through my hungry little mind while attempting to find the place. It was going to be magnificent... had they been open for lunch. As has been the case with just about every bar I've since been to in Korea they don't open until 5:00pm or later.

Lunchtime drinking just isn't as common... at the bar. Should you care to partake in a mid-afternoon beer, I cannot recommend highly enough the glory of a Mart sit. Simply buy a can of whatever's available at the 7-11, CU, or GS 25 and sit on the plastic patio furniture and take in the wonders of the great outdoors. It's cheap, it's easy, and it's legal public drinking. There is literally nothing to dislike about it.

When it comes to the Weizen at Who?, it's fantastic. When they have it. Aside from the rather late opening time, Who? also didn't have their signature beer on tap for my first visit. Not sure if they ran out, forgot to make some, or were hoarding it for ze Germans, but they were flat out. The server looked at us like we were half crazy for expecting the beer advertised all over the place to actually be available. C'est la vie.

Anyway, we went back, they had it, and it's quite good. It pours a cloudy and wonderfully pale yellow with thick head that dissipates rather quickly. The aroma was very fruity and floral with a taste that matches. It's rather sweet up front, but balances out quite nicely with floral notes and grassy hops to finish out. It borders on slightly over-carbonated, but that's what helps make it ridiculously crisp. This was flat out the perfect beer on a 30°C day in Busan.



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The Concept

Brew Day is a brewers collective with a different obsession every month. Each month the homebrewers involved will tackle a different style of beer by brewing a batch and getting their malt-stained hands on as many pints of the same style as possible. Each brewer will bring their own warped concept to their batch helping to create as many variations as there are brewers involved.

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