Black Beer Stout

Black Beer Stout

A stout in name only, this bad boy falls flat all over the place. The semi-fine print says "lager type," which helps explain why this tastes and feels more like a stout poured through 30 rusty screen doors that eventually landed in a bucket of stale water. But that's mainly when you pour it. Being a "stout," my natural instinct was to pour what I assumed would be delectably thick and chocolatey goodness into any container that holds liquid and give it a whirl. Not the best of ideas for this one. Granted, my plastic cup-o-choice isn't doing beer of any kind a favor, but others have survived the test and it's certainly not the main reason this "stout" should legally have to change its name.

The beer's made by Hite Brewery Company here in Korea and… well… it tastes like it. Much in the same way that I've grown an affinity for Spam since being here, I actually kind of enjoy the shittiness of Hite while at a local pub. But this attempt at something else has gone quite awry. Being a "lager type" stout I'm thinking it's brewed in the exact same way as Hite Extra Dry (which is the Korean equivalent to Bud Light) and food coloring is tossed in at some point.

All in all, the aroma's off, the mouthfeel is horrid, I'm not convinced it's actually the 5.0%abv they claim, and it's as carbonated as Crystal Clear Pepsi. Hopefully it takes the same route of the Van Halen Super Bowl commercial and rapidly fades into nothingness.


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