Kirin Ichiban

Kirin Ichiban

Blame it on drinking at a plastic table outside a convenience store in early February, blame it on the lack of decent beer, or blame it on the fancy labeling, but the fact is I enjoyed this beer. Kirin Ichiban is regularly panned on the interwebs, but I like it for what it is. This Japanese pale lager won't be turning heads at any competitions, but much like shitty gas station coffee has a special place in my heart, lagers are starting to work their way into the inner cockles of the ol ticker.

Sure this beer's thin and quite carbonated, but the lingering fruity and floral finish helps set it apart from the slew of lite beers swarming the streets here in Korea. It's not a six pack to bring home to impress the folks, but if you're looking for something to drink for about 8 hours, this will do the trick. Can't say I'd go out of my way for it again, but I certainly wouldn't be upset to have one handed to me. All in all I'd recommend this beer... for what it is.


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