Velkopopovický Kozel Dark

Velkopopovický Kozel Dark

Well... it's still a lager, and that there chart is mighty bare, but this is a damn tasty beer. Weighing in at a scant 3.80% ABV my first thought was to leave this weakling to be picked over by the gaggle of teenagers squabbling and giggling in front of the only true beer section in Geoje. But, that kozel (Czech for goat) was staring me down, and let's be honest, when you see that scruffy little fella looking into your beer deprived soul you know you have to take it home. A swift elbow, slight hip check, and a voice about three octaves lower than my usual placed me in front of that oddly friendly looking goat. Teenagers can have their day in the sun soon enough.

This is a sweeter lager with a really great roasted/caramelized malt flavor, hints of coffee in the aroma and a well balanced medium body. The lingering flavor is nice and creamy with just a touch of caramel. I probably won't pay the ridiculous prices one has to pay for this here (about $8.00 a bottle), but it was worth it just to try it and I'd definitely be happy to come across it again in the future.


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